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 Madeleine Philippe Cancer Foundation (Aus) Inc
A registered organisation incorporated under the Incorporation Act (Vic) 1984. Registration no.A0052688B
Promoting the Early Detection of Breast and Ovarian Cancers

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'Madeleine - Losing a Soul Mate to Cancer'
by Clancy Philippe
Madeleine Philippe Cancer Foundation
Third Australian Paperback Edition Nov 2014

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Madeleine Losing a Soul Mate to Cancer

"She was a most delightful, positive, determined and courageous lady who coped remarkably well with a terrible illness. It was a privilege to have known Madeleine and been able to help care for her." 
Ass. Prof. Ian Haines - Madeleine's oncologist.

"I read the first bit of the book and I am hooked. It is so well written and truly captures the emotions. So proud of you." Amanda A.


"There aren't enough words to describe how amazing your book is. I could not put it down. Such love, inspiration and heartache. Such a moving story. I have no doubt that Madeleine will forever be by your side." Amber E.


"This emotional rollercoaster describes the journey of one man losing his lifelong partner to cancer and details how he tries to come to terms with the bereavement and prepares to face life without her. It is an absorbing read, taking you right back to the early days of courtship and romance, and how the young couple married and moved from their native land of Mauritius to set up life in Australia.


What makes this book stand out above all others is that the author has with great openness, honesty and often raw intimate detail poured out his heart as he struggles in his efforts to save his wife from what turns out to be terminal illness. After her passing, the reader is left feeling the emptiness, the loss and utter despair as if it was their own. The remainder of the story will surprise and provide food for thought.


There are few authors who can in the simplicity of their writing make the words smile through the tears. A beautiful love story showing great courage from both sides of the divide."  Liz C.


The proceeds from the publication of this book will be donated to the Madeleine Philippe Cancer Foundation (Aus) Inc.

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