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Mauritian Native Arts Foundation Inc


Mauritian Native Arts Foundation (Australia)
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 Promotion of Mauritian artists by stimulating interest outside Mauritius. In doing so, MNAF hopes to contribute to the economic success of indigenous Mauritian artists and the villages they live in.

Robert Feillafe
Vice President
Christian Calou
Marie Rose Calou
Clancy Philippe

Stephen Collet
Mowlasee Swasty
Jean Noel Moutou

Sharonne Wong Quai Lam




MNAF's Objectives are to:
1. Improve the economic well-being of Mauritian Native Artists;
2. Invigorate the education and training of the next generation of Mauritian Native Artists;
3. Increase general awareness of Mauritian Native cultures and provide opportunities to educate the public about the diverse cultural expression of Mauritian indigenous people;
4. Stimulate demand for and help establish fair market pricing for works of art and music created by Mauritian Native artists;
5. Represent its members;
6. Support the promotion of and create opportunities for Mauritian artists to perform and sell their works in Australia;
7. Advocate on behalf of its members to the Government, Organisations and Other Bodies;
8. Advise members on current and future issues affecting their businesses and professions;
9. Create a business and professional network, and produce an annual business directory for public distribution;
10. Organise training activities in fields as diverse as information technology and international trade;
11. Establish and maintain trade, business and professional exchanges between Australia and Mauritius and
12. Initiate co-operation and affiliation programmes and other links with international organisations so as to further the interests of its members and the business community as a whole.


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