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Mauritian Golden Age Club


Golden Age Club
Golden Age Club Mauritian

 Meeting every Tuesday at Menzies Hall, Menzies Avenue, Dandenong North 

Paule Collard
Vice President
Josette Roussety
Ginette Edouard
Ass. Secretary:
Chantal Rennard
Jocelyn Joachim
Assistant Treasurer:
Percy Candasamy
Social Coordinator:
Lilette Thomas
Assistant Social Coordinator:
Lilette Juste
Tours Organiser:
Hadlet Vydelingum
Assistant Tours Organiser:
Therese Savanah

The Mauritian Golden Age Club was formed on April 23rd 1989. Every year, the Club celebrates its anniversary on the Saturday prior to Mothers' Day. The Club was founded because there was an urgent need to help the Elderlies of the Mauritian Community who were very isolated and were becoming housebound.

The Club started with ten friends who wanted to get together now and then and have a good time. Fifteen years later, we now have 450 members.

The members play domino, lotto, cards and exchange news etc. Educational talks from outside organisations such as the CFA, the Drug and Safety Committee, Chiropodists, Dentists, the Police Force, Chemists and many others are also given to members.

The Club organises day excursions and week long tours around Victoria and other States. To raise funds, the Club has three fund raising activities during the year; a Mothers' Day dance at which lottery booklets are sold, a Fathers' Day dance and a Fair which is held around the middle of October.


The Annual General Meeting of the club is held in August. Club activities include a Family and Xmas day Dance.


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