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Article reproduced from Week End Scope Magazine (Mauritius)

The eating habits of the Mauritians inevitably reflect the ethnic diversity of its people: Creole rougailles, Indian curries, Muslim bryanis, Chinese sweet-and-sour pork, French delicate dishes, English bacon and eggs, ...... you name it, you'll get it there.
Basic ingredients of the Creole cuisine are the tomatoes (known as pommes d'amour), onions, ginger, garlic and chillies. Palm heart and Camarons (giant prawns), venison and wild boar are favourite items of French cuisine. Fresh fish and seafood set the keynote for Chinese cooking.
The traditional blends of home crushed spices are the sauce base for mouth glowing Indian curries. The delicate blend of spiciness and subtle mix of ingredients constitute the setting for the event-related Muslim cuisine. Local vegetables and fruits abound all year round in a colourful selection of mouth watering delights

"A travers mes recettes,  je donne l'occasion à tout un chacun de mitonner de bons petits plats. Les gens se rabattent plus sur du take-away, alors que nous Mauriciens avec notre bol déviré, faratas et cari poule, briani, bouillon brèdes, bouillon poisson, rougailles, mine frit et bouillabaisse (mes deux péchés mignons) et les plats créoles, je dois avouer que faire la cuisine est un régal." Madeleine Philippe

Lonely Planet Guide to Mauritius,
 Rodrigues, Reunion & Seychelles 
by Jan Dodd & Madeleine Philippe

Recipes from Mauritius

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Condiments, Sauces, Chutneys & Pickles

condim.gif (7725 bytes)

Achard de Légumes (Light Vegetable Pickle)
Achard Bilimbi Longues

Chatini Pistaches Cotomili 

Coriander Chutney

Coriander Coconut Chutney

Curry Powder, Paste and Sauce

Green Mango Pickle

Mauritian Mayonnaise

Mazavaroo, Chilli and Prawn Paste

Piments Confis (Pickled Chillies)

Piments Ecrases (Chilli Paste)

Rougaille Poisson Salé (Salt fish in Tomato Sauce)

Sauce Ail (Garlic Sauce)

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Tomato Chutney (Chatini Pomme D'Amour)


Achard de Légumes  

Chatini Pistaches Cotomili 

Chatini Coriandre-Cotomilli 

Chatini Coco 

Chatini Pomme D'Amour 

Mangues Confites

Piments Confis

Poudre, Pâte et Sauce Curry

Sauce Ail

Snacks & Breads snack.gif (3250 bytes)

Bhujas (Onion Fritters)

Chilli Cakes (Gateaux Piments)

Crepes Salees & Douces (Pancakes)

Croquettes de Crevettes (Prawn Fritters)

Croquettes de Morue (Salt Cod Fritters)

Croquette Volaille (Chicken Pieces in Batter)

Dholl Pooris (Dholl Pancakes)

Du Pain Frire (Bread Slices Fried in Batter)

Eggplant Dip (Dip Bringele)

Faratas (Pancakes to eat with Curries)

Fried Wantans (Wontons)

Gateau Bringele (Eggplant Fried in Batter)

Gateau Arouille (Taro Fritters)

Ground Rice Steamed Cakes (Poutou)

Hakien (Pork & Prawn Bean Curd Rolls)

Makatias (Sweet Buns with Coconut Filling)

Massepain (Popular Mauritian Cake)

Mini Spring Rolls

Mulku (Murukku)

Naan Indian Bread

Oeufs Farcis

Pain Perdu (French Toast)

Paté Chaud with Minced Beef and Bacon 

Piment Carri Frire (Chilli Fried in Batter)

Poulet Annabelle (Marinated Chicken)

Pooris (Unleavened Pancakes)

Salmon Patties (Croquettes de Saumon)

Samoosas (Spicy Fillings in Pastry Casings)


Dhall Pooris

Soups & Bouillons soup.gif (4495 bytes)

Bisque d'Huitres et Camarons (Prawn and Oyster Bisque)
Bouillabaisse (Seafood Bouillon)

Bouillon Bredes (Greens in Bouillon)

Bouillon Crabes (Swimmer Crabs Bouillon)

Bouillon Cresson (Watercress Bouillon)

Bouillon Poisson (Fish Bouillon)

Bouillon Tec Tec (Pipis in Bouillon)

Chicken Mulligatawny (Spicy Chicken Soup)

Corn Soup with Chicken or Crab Meat
Halim (Soup with Meat and Lentils)
Hot and Sour Soup
Rasson (Spicy Vegetarian Soup) 

Tomato Soup (Soupe de Tomates)

Wantan (Wonton) Soup

Bouillon Crabes

Vegetables & Pulses vegi.gif (8262 bytes)

Black Lentils Fricassée (Fricassée  Lentilles Noires)

Broccoli with Beef Stir Fried

Cari Dholl (Yellow Split Peas Curry)

Cassoulet Mauricien (Mauritian Cassoulet)

Cat Cat Manioc (Cassava Casserole)

Choko Curry with Pork (Beef or Lamb)

Corn Soup with Chicken or Crab Meat

Cos Lettuce Stir Fried

Fricassée Le Chou (Buttered White Cabbage)

Fricassée Le Chou with Corned Silverside(Cabbage with Corned Silverside)

Gratin de Giraumon (Pumpkin Gratin)

Haricots Rouges with Smoked Pork
(Borlotti Beans with Smoked Pork)

Haricots Verts (Green Beans with Garlic)

Lentilles Rouges (Split Red Lentil)

Pommes de Terre Frire (Sauteed Potatoes)

Potato Salad (Salade de Pomme de Terre)

Salade Chouchou (Choko Salad)

Salade Palmiste (Heart of Palm Salad)

Sauce Blanche Chou Chou (Chokoes in White Sauce)

Stewed Okras (Lalos)

Stir Fried Bok Choy
(Stir Fried Green Vegetables)

Tomato Soup (Soupe de Tomates)

Cassoulet Mauricien (Mauritian Cassoulet)

Cat Cat Manioc (Cassava Casserole)


Eggs egg.gif (6354 bytes)

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Oeufs Farcis

Omelette aux Herbes (Omelette with Herbs)
Prawn Egg Fu Yung

Soya Eggs

Rice Dishes ricedish.gif (3757 bytes)

Boiled Rice

Maddy's Fried Rice (Riz frit)

Pilau (Mauritian Style Pilaf)

Beef Bryani (Mari Bon)

Bol Deviré (Upside Down Rice with Savouries)


Bol Deviré

Pilau (risotto Créole)

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Meats meat.gif (2527 bytes)

Beef Curry

Beef & Potato Curry (for Faratas)

Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Beef with Broccoli Stir Fried

Beef with Vegetables (Jardinière de Boeuf)

Boudins de Maurice (Black Pudding)

Boulettes de Viande (Beef and Chicken Meatballs)

Char Siu (Chinese Roast pork)

Chicken Cotelettes (Chicken on the Bone in Batter)

Chicken Curry with Optional Prawns (1)-Recommended
Chicken Curry with Prawns (2)

Chicken Fricassé (Chicken in Light Sauce)

Choko Curry with Pork (Beef or Lamb)

Civet de Lièvre or Lapin (Hare or rabbit in Red Wine)

Curry Jeannot Delaitre  (Pork, beef or lamb in
rich curry sauce)

Daube de Poulet (Chicken in rich red wine sauce)

Double Cooked Pork

Gigot de Mouton (Lamb Roast)

Le Foie Frire (Fried Ox Liver)  

Pork Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce

Pork Spare Ribs with Oyster Sauce

Poulet Annabelle (Marinated Chicken)

Poulet aux Champignons (Chicken with Mushrooms)

Roast Sirloin Beef in Mustard Sauce (Boeuf Roti 
à la Moutarde)

Rougaille Boudin (Black Pudding in Tomato Sauce)

Rougaille de Viande (Beef in Spicy Tomato Sauce)

Sausages in Tomato Sauce (Rougaille de Saucisses)
Steak au Poivre (Pepper Steaks)

Steak with Mushrooms 
(Steak de Boeuf aux Champignons)

Stir fried Chicken with Vegetables

Sweet and Sour Pork (Porc Aigre Doux)

Venison Curry with Lilva Beans (Cari Cerf et 


Civet de Lièvre or Lapin (Hare or rabbit in Red Wine)

Fricassée de viande aux haricots noirs Chinois

Gigot de Mouton 

Poulet aux Champignons 

Fish & Seafood seafood.gif (4365 bytes)

Bechamel de Poisson
(Fish with Bechamel Sauce)

Boulettes Poisson (Fish Balls)

Chilli Crab

Chilli Prawns

Civet de Langouste (Lobster in Red Wine)

Corn Soup with Crab Meat

Croquettes de Morue (Salt Cod Fritters)

Crystal Prawns

Daube Ourite (Octopus Stew)

Fish Curry (Cari Poisson)

Fish Vindaille (Fish Vindaloo)

Garlic Prawns (Crevettes a l'aïoli) 

Gratin de Morue  (Salt Cod with Mashed Potatoes)

Octopus Salad (Salade Ourite)

Poisson aux Fines Herbes (Fish in Tomato Sauce with Herbs)

Poisson Sale (Fried Salt Fish with Onions)

Prawn Egg Fu Yung

Prawn Sauce Rouge (Prawn in Red Sauce)

Rougaille Poisson Salé (Salt fish in Tomato Sauce)

Salmon Patties (Croquettes de Saumon)

Sweet and Sour Fish (Poisson Aigre Doux)


Daube Ourite 

Curries curry.gif (1805 bytes)

Beef Curry

Beef & Potato Curry (for Faratas)

Cari Dholl (Yellow Split Peas Curry)

Chicken Curry with Optional Prawns (1)-Recommended

Chicken Curry with Prawns (2)

Choko Curry with Pork (Beef or Lamb)

Curry Jeannot Delaitre  (Pork, beef or lamb in
rich curry sauce)

Fish Curry (Cari Poisson)

Jackfruit Curry (Cari Jacques)

Potato Curry

Tripes with Lima Beans in Curry Sauce

Venison Curry with Lilva Beans (Cari Cerf 
et Embrevades)


Cari Boeuf 

Carri Jacques 

Carri Tripes Gros Pois

Cari Poulet et Crevettes

Cari Jeannot Delaitre-Travers de porc 
(agneau or beuf) en cari

Cari de Pomme de terre

Drinks drink.gif (3489 bytes)

Avocado Smoothie

Banana Split

Breakfast Drinks

De l'Eau Alooda Glacée

De l'Eau Tamarin (Tamarind Water)

Golden Orange

Rum Cocktails to give you that island mood 
and stir the emotions in you

Rhums Preparés (Prepared Rums & Liqueurs)

Tomato Bouncer

De l'Eau Alooda Glacée

Cakes, Sweets & Desserts

sweets.gif (2439 bytes)

Banana Fritters (Beignets de Bananes)

Banana Tartlets


Chinese New Year Cake

Christmas Pudding (Microwave recipe)

Colodent (Peanut Brittle)

Creme Renversee (Baked Custard)

Falooda Sweet (Recommended)

Gateau Coco (Coconut Sweets)
Gateau Gingli (1) (Laughing Cookies)
Gateau Gingli (2) (Red Bean Balls)

Gateau Ladou (Ladoo Besan)

Gateau Moutail

Gateau Patates (Sweet Potato Cakes) 

Halwa de Carottes (Carrot Halwa)

Kulfi Ice Cream

Napolitaines-Popular French Pastry Cakes

Poudine du Pain (Bread Pudding)

Poudine Maïs (Polenta Pudding)

Puits d'Amour (Custard Tarts )

Rasgoulas (Sweet Powdered Milk Balls)

Swiss Roll

'Unde' Delicious Ground Rice Savouries
Vermicelli Pudding



Gateau Patates (Sweet Potato Cakes) 


Cakes To Go (Linda Tonta) for Cake Decorating

Noodles & Pastas noodle.gif (4067 bytes) Linked to
CyberSoup and Other Recipes from the WWW

Macaroni Cheese with Minced Beef (Macaroni 
au Fromage et Viande Hachée)

Mines Bouilli (Vegetarian Noodles)

Mines Frire (Mauritian Chow Mein)

Spaghetti Bolognese (Mauritian Style)

Mines Frire (Mauritian Chow Mein)



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